Ecstasy (MDMA)

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The Substance : MDMA, ecstasy, X, XTC, E, M, adam, bean, roll,

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Ecstasy“, “E”, “XTC”, “Adam”
The desired effects embody altered sensations and enhanced energy, empathy, and pleasure.

What It Looks Like
MDMA is usually sold as round tablets of various colors (pink, white, green, etc) impressed with a multitude of logos, mostly 8mm in diameter. Many MDMA tablets square measure adulterate with club drug, pep pill or chalk and a few also are adulterate with alkaloid, phenobarbitone or methaqualone.
The proper name of “ecstasy” is MDMA, that stands for MDMA. Like alternative amphetamines, MDMA could be a central system stimulant and conjointly psychotropic.
Ecstasy typically seems as alittle pill or pill in numerous colours, sometimes with a logo stamped on it. Another style of ecstasy comes in powder or crystallized kind within the name of molly. Here square measure the common nicknames and street names for Ecstasy:

* X, E, or XTC
* Adam
* Beans
* Candy
* Dancing Shoes
* Disco Biscuits
* Doves
* E-bomb
* Egg Rolls
* Happy Pill
* Hug Drug
* Love Drug
* Malcolm (or Malcolm X)
* Molly
* Scooby Snacks
* Smartees
* Sweets
* Skittles
* Thizz
* Vitamin E or Vitamin X
* Vowels

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